Gas Siphoning service

You are at the gas station, trying to fill your vehicle, and you’ve chosen the wrong option.  Diesel fuel doesn’t work well with your average daily driver car, so how can you fix this issue?  By calling Free and Accepted Roadside, we will come to the filling station you are located at and assist in removing the diesel from your vehicle, so you are able to fuel your car with a more appropriate option.  Perhaps your vehicle has been sitting for an extended amount of time, and the gas in the tank has turned.  Our same gas siphoning service will remove the existing gas in the tank, and we will strive to get your car back on the road.  Our service begins at $100 for the first 5 gallons (18.93 l) siphoned, with each additional 5 gallons (18.93 l) at $25 each.  
DISCLAIMER: Results of our gas siphoning service are not guaranteed.  While this service strives to give your vehicle the best chance at running, we cannot ensure that all the diesel/bad gas in the tank can be removed, in addition to other pre-existing issues with the vehicle which may impact the effectiveness of the service.